Here are just a few reasons why donations matter: 

  • Enhanced services and programs – Through public funding, libraries are able to maintain their core services and basic operational costs, but private dollars allow libraries to fulfill their mission of promoting literacy, lifelong learning and serving as community hubs. Foundation funding supports literacy initiatives and cultural events that are otherwise unaffordable. Fulton County Library System’s Children’s Book Festival and Summer Reading programs are supported by the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Foundation, providing critical community engagement and children’s literacy programming that brings our community together around shared experiences. 
  • Innovation – Library foundations support special projects that explore new ideas and take creative risks. These projects can include makerspaces, new collection items, and local archives that foster creativity and community engagement. After the initial pilot and learning phase, many of these programs can be rolled into the operational budget for sustainability. The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Foundation recently funded the Career Online High School pilot, which helps participants earn their high school diploma and builds Fulton County’s workforce. 
  • Technology and infrastructure upgrade – Libraries must stay current with technological advancements to serve their communities effectively. Donations can fund the purchase of new computers, software, and other digital resources. Did you know that the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Foundation funded the purchase of the Fulton County Library System’s self-checkout machines allowing for greater efficiency and cost savings across branches?
  • Vulnerable population support – Libraries are critical resources for underserved and vulnerable populations, including low-income families and seniors. Donations fund programs and services tailored to these communities, such as job search assistance and language classes. Last month, the Library Foundation purchased “Stay Sharp: Kits for Seniors,” which help improve cognition and memory. 
  • Community ownership and engagement: When community members donate to their library, they take a vested interest in its success. This sense of ownership can lead to increased usage, volunteerism, and advocacy for library support at the local level.

Donations to a library foundation can help leverage matching funds from other donors, businesses, and grantmaking organizations, multiplying the impact of each dollar given. By donating to a library foundation, individuals and organizations play a crucial role in enhancing the quality and breadth of services offered by libraries, making a lasting impact on their communities.

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Erin Dreiling
Erin Dreiling
Executive Director
Erin Dreiling believes in the power of libraries to transform communities. She focuses on strengthening partnerships between the Foundation, the library system, and local organizations to create positive change and build lasting support for our libraries.