Are you a library lover? Library Giving Day is April 3rd

#LibraryGivingDay is a one-day online fundraising event with the goal of encouraging people who depend on and enjoy public libraries to donate to their library system.

How will you celebrate National Library Week?

National Library Week is a time to celebrate our libraries and promote library use and support. The theme for National Library Week 2024 is “Ready, Set, Library”.

What is the “digital divide” and how does your library help?

The digital divide refers to the gap between those who have access to digital technologies and the internet and those who do not.

Call to action: Support our libraries!

The Georgia Senate has recently introduced SB390, which forbids state, county, city, or private funding to be spent with American Library Association or its affiliates. It dissolves the state board for

2024 One Book, One Read book announced: The Measure

Connection is critical for our happiness. As human beings, it’s our relationships with others – our family, friends, neighbors – that truly fulfil us. The Measure is a book that explores