2024 One Book, One Read book announced: The Measure

Connection is critical for our happiness. As human beings, it’s our relationships with others – our family, friends, neighbors – that truly fulfil us. I once read an interview with a hospice nurse. She said that when her patients are ready to pass on, the regrets they express are rarely about jobs or chances not taken. They are about missed connections or time not spent with family and friends.

The Measure is a book that explores philosophical questions about happiness as eight people receive a box that indicates the length of their lifespan. The characters can choose whether or not to know their fate, and the outcome transforms their lives and relationships. The book is about family, friendship, hope, and destiny, and encourages readers to live life to the fullest. As a musing on the shared experience of mortality, it’s an excellent choice for the collective experience of One Book, One Read.

One Book, One Read is the Fulton County Library System’s county-wide annual book club that gets people across our community talking about and engaging with the same book. The goal is to promote conversations, community building, and literacy all while having fun with family, friends, and neighbors. The 2024 program will culminate in a special visit with author Nikki Erlick on Saturday, August 10. One Book, One Read is supported by the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Foundation.

When learning becomes a shared experience and we get to hear other thoughts, perspectives and voices, it is so much more impactful. We hope you will read The Measure and join us on this journey. Stay tuned for ways to engage.

Erin Dreiling

Executive Director

Erin Dreiling believes in the power of libraries to transform communities. She focuses on strengthening partnerships between the Foundation, the library system, and local organizations to create positive change and build lasting support for our libraries.